Eric John

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Mar 14.2024 - Working in studio on new album

About Eric John

Eric John, born in the prairie landscapes of Saskatchewan, carries the rich musical heritage of his upbringing into his own artistic journey. Influenced by his father, a musician, Eric's passion for music ignited during his early years as he took up the bass in the church choir. By the age of ten, he was already captivated by the combination of music and storytelling.  

Growing up in a home resonating with the timeless tunes of country legends like Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, and Johnny Cash, Eric developed a deep appreciation for the storytelling prowess embedded in their music. Modern artists with similar gifts have become his inspiration, fueling his desire to share experiences and narratives through his songwriting.  

Although music has been a constant throughout his life, it wasn't until 2021 that Eric could dedicate time to the dream he harboured since childhood. With a goal to inspire others through his music, Eric endeavours to continue the tradition of his musical influences, weaving tales that resonate with the soul.   

Recent Tracks.

Hanging On
Time With You
We're All the Same
Higher Ground
Daddy's Farm
In Due Time
The Normal Life
Before It Began
Second Guesses
Sleeping On a Dream